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Tak, tak, to TEN "SKUMDUM". Szwedzka kapela na dwóch koncertach w Polsce! Liga Mistrzów Punk/Melodic. Zagrają razem z 1125 ze Złotowa i toruńskim Redaial. Przekaż dalej i do zobaczenia we wrześniu!


13.09.2012 (czwartek)
Toruń, klub NRD ul. Browarna 6

start: 20:00
bilety: 15 zł


Pierre – Bas & vocals, Patrik – Guitar & backup vocals, Chris – Drums & backup vocals

Skumdum has never been known to follow the mainstream! They’ve never been more hyped than a bag of dogshit and although they've been playing for more than 15years, they still don’t know which key or scale their songs are in! They've always been to much punkrock for the skaters and to much skaterock for the punks.

No one knows If this is the reason why the trio gets angrier and more frustrated for every year that passes by. The fact however is that the band on their latest albums throws critisism and punches in all directions. No one gets away! Influenced by skatepunk, irish folkmusic, gypsyrhytms and latinovibes Skumdum has a completely unique sound. Catchy singalong choruses are mixed with up-tempo drums and melodic guitars!

Through out the years the boys have released 4 fullength albums, numerious singles and participated on countless compilations. Thanks to their uncompromising attitude they’ve managed to become one of Scandinavias biggest and most popular punkbands. They've toured heavily, on both national and international level and some countries they’ve played in are Sweden, Norway, France and Spain.

In december 2008 Skumdum released their 5th album “2 Sides of the story” which is a split release together with the american skatepunk band Hero of our Time. The cd contains 12 catchy punkrock songs that shows exactly what this music is all about! The single “Proud Minority” has already been mentioned as this years catchiest punkrock anthem by magazines and people in the scene!

So who the fuck cares about hype, cool attitude and having “the right look”, when total dedication, great passion and unconditional love for punkrock seems to be enough!?

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